Like most trees we change and go through seasons in our lives


The journey through these seasons can be difficult and overwhelming.  When we feel lonely, stressed, fearful, depressed or disconnected our relationships suffer and we can begin to close ourselves off to others and our true selves.


Women and adolescent girls have unique paths in this journey. Outside pressures from society, culture, family and friends about how we should act, look or feel add additional difficulties during the seasons. Navigating through the images, messages and unspoken rules about what it means to be female can be challenging.


I believe when we reach these challenging points it is powerful to reach out to someone who is outside your immediate circle. By seeking this support you can gain awareness and perspective on what is happening within and around you. This generates an understanding and acceptance of your authentic self - “your roots.”  As you grow in this awareness, you will be better equipped to meet your needs, care for yourself and nourish your relationships. 


 I would be honored to  be your “outside” person.  

I will hold an empathic, sincere and nonjudgmental space so that you can cultivate your strengths and feel empowered to make any necessary changes in your life.  I invite you to explore this site to learn more about what I have to offer.